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Volunteers on Construction Site

Construction & Contractors

 At Pagano and Associates we help our clients develop and implement strategic plans to maximize growth, profitability and efficiency. Clients benefit from our unique blend of large-firm, quality expertise with small-firm attention to service and cost. We’ve found that the daily operations and accounting matters take too much energy and time away from the activities that grow your business. Giving that time back to those in the construction industry help them focus on their customers and growing their business.

Community Service


Our team understands the hard work that is required to organize and operate a non-profit organization. Pagano and Associates also knows that you care about the important work your organization performs. You govern with vigilance, and you strive to reassure donors, employees and other stakeholders that you’re operating according to industry best practices. We will help your nonprofit organization follow guidelines to insure that your non-for-profit is governed properly and implements best practices to help you achieve your mission.

Clean Neighborhood

Real Estate

The real estate industry can be extremely vulnerable to changes in the economy and our world. This can also affect developers, owners, investors and financial institutions. In addition to the high stakes of a changing market, real estate developers face a uniquely complex set of ever-evolving financial reporting, accounting standards and tax code rules. By capitalizing on the expertise of Pagano & Associates team, you can focus on the money-generating portions of your business — sales, marketing, and client service. Let our experienced team guide you to informed decisions about your real estate business or portfolio.

Image by Marten Bjork

Professional Services

Our team understand the value our clients place on obtaining top-quality. We value the expert attention from professionals who are invested in the client’s accomplishments. We recognize the challenges you are facing, and we can help you overcome them. At Pagano and Associates we believe that young professionals can grow, established and prosper, and professionals approaching retirement can protect what they have and exit on top.

Delivery Men

Manufacturing, Distribution &-Logistics

Helping our manufacturing clients stay ahead of the curve is what we do best. Whether you’re looking to control costs or expand geographically, we’re ready to be part of the solution. Our firm specializes in manufacturing accounting and consulting services, and we’ve helped various types of manufacturers succeed.

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